Seamless integration with contact center software and IP PBX

RichCall is not just another "browser-to-browser video chat". It does not simply connect website visitors with video chat channel agents, though it can do it as well.

Instead, RichCall leverages your existing contact center operations, workflows and apps to:

Only by integrating closely with the contact center software can unique business benefits be obtained:

Web-collaboration powered by WebRTC and in-house expertise

RichCall leverages WebRTC technologies to provide high quality communications supported by real-time network adjustments, without the need for plugins.

The built-in STUN/TURN-servers allow RichCall to easily cope with NAT and firewalls.

Combined with in-house developed features such as video-conferencing, interaction recording and content-sharing (co-browsing, text chat, app sharing, snipping tool and more), RichCall offers your customers an unforgettable web-collaboration experience.

With RichCall, your customers can interact with you using:

Even phone-initiated customer engagements can be escalated to video chat sessions 'on-the-fly'.

Download the RichCall Datasheet

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